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Infrared system

BOSCH Digital Infra-Red Language Distribution System

With an Bosch Digital infra-red system that we rent, delegates have freedom of movement throughout the conference room.  As the interpretations are transmitted through the air, there is not physical connection to the system. The receivers used by delegates to pick up interpretations are lightweight, portable and unobtrusive. The Bosch […]

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IR Receivers


These ergonomically designed receivers incorporate the latest electronics technology – including a specially designed IC – to ensure maximum performance and a long battery lifetime. The receivers can be used for both language and music distribution. Features:   No interference from lighting Superior digital audio quality User-friendly selection of 32 […]

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Lightweight Stereo Headphones Features: Lightweight with high quality sound reproduction     Single Earphone Features: Lightweight single earphone Left or right ear use        

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Interpreters desk


The DCN-IDESK is a single-user interpreter desk with a stylish and modern design. It fully conforms to internationally agreed standards. Clear positioning per functional area of the desk controls allows intuitive operation without mistakes. Features: Low susceptibility to mobile phone interference Ergonomic design with features for visually impaired A graphic […]

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Con Trek provides full-service audio visual rental and staging resources for conferences, corporate events, and trade shows. Our purpose is to connect people in meaningful
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