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Listen LT-700 Portable FM Display Transmitter


The Listen LT-700 Portable Transmitter will broadcast your presenters or interpreters voice to everyone in the audience, without having to carry a microphone or be plugged into the wall. Excellent for factory tours, outdoor events, wireless microphone applications, classrooms, training sessions, or personal use – anywhere you need to amplify […]

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Behind the Head Microphone


Behind the head microphone used with the transmitter helps eliminate ambient noise from your presentation, while providing quality audio pick-up with its directional boom microphone. The microphone is completely adjustable, fits comfortably on your ears and rests behind your head. 

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LR-500-072 Portable Programmable Display FM Receiver


One of Listen’s most sophisticated receivers, the LR-500 Programmable Display Receiver offers the signature Look&ListenTM LCD Display that shows programming status, channel, lock, battery level, and RF signal strength. Channel selector buttons are easily accessible on the front of the unit. It has channel SEEK capability. Features: Great for organizations […]

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The Listen LA-170 stereo earphones!


These behind-the-head stereo earphones are popular with listeners who wear hardhats or are concerned about “headphone hair.”      

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Con Trek provides full-service audio visual rental and staging resources for conferences, corporate events, and trade shows. Our purpose is to connect people in meaningful
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