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Interpreter booths


The Audipack Silent 9300 is a modular, easy to mount interpreter booth for 2 persons, but can be extended for up to 4 persons, The Silent 9300 complies with the ISO 4043 norm for mobile interpreter booths and is equipped with table and ventilation. Features: High Sound insulation: better than […]

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Ventilation is provided by separate ventilation system that is removable from the booth. This gives you the freedom to connect the booth to a separate air-conditioning system. (system B, optional). An air-inlet is situated in the door panel to provide fresh air.

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Working table


The large working table provides plenty of space to install any type of equipment.

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Listen LT-700 Portable FM Display Transmitter


The Listen LT-700 Portable Transmitter will broadcast your presenters or interpreters voice to everyone in the audience, without having to carry a microphone or be plugged into the wall. Excellent for factory tours, outdoor events, wireless microphone applications, classrooms, training sessions, or personal use – anywhere you need to amplify […]

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Behind the Head Microphone


Behind the head microphone used with the transmitter helps eliminate ambient noise from your presentation, while providing quality audio pick-up with its directional boom microphone. The microphone is completely adjustable, fits comfortably on your ears and rests behind your head. 

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Con Trek provides full-service audio visual rental and staging resources for conferences, corporate events, and trade shows. Our purpose is to connect people in meaningful
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